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kory md ivermectin unthriftily BHAWSAR JAKHMERUZ  Useful for Itches, Scabies, Boils, Wounds, Pimples, Abscess, Scratches, Sores, Cracked skin, Dandruff, Circumcision, Cuts, Burns, Bleeding piles, Carbuncle, Bedsores, Swelling, Blisters, Mosquito bite, Shoe bite, Bees & Insect bite, Bruises. It is non irritant and non staining. It can be used safely on any part of the body at any time. 1.Non staining
2.No Irritation
3.No side effects
4.naturally cure

Bodø gabapentin and leg cramps Base: Base is emollient so it has synergetic action with ingredients. Base contains vegetable oils. It has very good soothing and penetration power. It helps healing wounds and cracks of the skin very fast.
Jakhmeruz Ointment is more effective, if rubbed for 2-3 minutes on crack skin and itches.

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